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Dianne Shebioba

Psychotherapy & Counselling

MSC Psychotherapy Dip Psychotherapeutic Counselling CTA

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Dianne Shebioba

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Based in Chatham, Kent


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About Me

We all from time to time experience challenges or difficulties at certain times in our lives that bring about a range of emotions from excitement to hopelessness.  

Experiences, whether welcomed or dreaded, is always just around the corner and can bring about great opportunities or can leave us feeling stuck, lost, anxious, distressed or isolated. 

Sometimes it is difficult to talk to those closest to us about the things that

trouble us the most for fear of burdening or being judged by them.  

That is when talking to a trained psychotherapist or counsellor in a safe,

caring confidential and therapeutic setting can really help one explore

their needs, worries and difficulties without being judged.

Psychotherapy concentrates on underlying aspects of personality that

arise from deep seated issues from childhood and are preventing the

person from living life to the full. Issues may include:

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.

Carl Rogers


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